Midland Free kicks off 2015 with a new sermon series featuring 1 Corinthians. This book of the New Testament presents a frank discussion about the church and the issues that affected real people in the first century. And, guess what? These same  issues affect us in the 21st century. Join us as we get serious about the “UR of chURch.” Be all in with unity, freedom and responsibility, and sound doctrine. Midland Free is moving forward in holiness and as God’s Local Church in 2015.

Weekly Bible Reading Schedule

Bible Reading for chURch:  All In>>Moving Forward
All in With Unity

Jan 4

God is All In

1 Corinth 1:1-9

Jan 11

Unity Through the
Crucified Christ

1 Corinth 1:10-2:16

Jan 18

Unity Through
Spiritual Maturity

1 Corinth 3:1-23

Jan 25

Unity Through Humility

1 Corinth 4:1-21

Feb 1

Unity Through
Church Discipline

1 Corinth 5:1-13

Feb 8

Unity Through
Conflict Resolution

1 Corinth 6:1-11